The Clintonville Chronicle is available for subscription. It is sent through the United States Postal Service.

In order to receive the upcoming Tuesday's edition, readers must be signed up and paid by 5 PM Friday morning of the week prior. This is to allow enough time for the list to get sent over to the printer.

Also, please note that there is a separate fee for Waupaca County residents and those outside of Waupaca County. This is due to the fact that the Postal Service charges more for the out-of-county mailings. Whether the address is in Clintonville or not doesn't make a difference to the Postal Service, they go by county.

Also note that if you are a Waupaca County resident, but leave the area for part of the year, you still have to pay for the out-of-county/snowbird fee, as it will be going out-of-county for part of the year.

Thanks for your understanding. We wish we could avoid this, but we get charged more, and therefore have to pass on the additional cost to our readers.

We do offer a special reduced rate for our college students, who are out of town. It is $20 for an eight-month subscription. In a typical year, they will run for eight months, beginning mid-August.

Three Easy Ways to Pay

**Mail in your subscription address with payment to our office:

PO Box 30, Clintonville, WI  54929

**Drop off the information at our office:

10 N. Main Street, Clintonville

(We also have a 24 hour drop box in the back of the building!)

**Fill out the form on our website, and pay via PayPal

In Waupaca County

One Year - $30

Two Years - $55 [Save $5!]

Outside Waupaca County

Within Continental U.S.

One Year - $40

Two Years - $75 [Save $5!]

Student Subscription

8 Months $20

From August Thru May

If you don’t want to subscribe, you can pick up a copy at any of these Newsstands for $1:

BP (Clintonville)

Citgo (Bear Creek)

Clintonville Chronicle Office

Clintonville Mini Mart

Charlie’s Country Store (Shawano)

Econo Food (Clintonville)

Erickson Pharmacy (Clintonville)

Fletch’s Corner Store (Embarass)

Kwik Trip (Clintonville)

Plaza Shell (Marion)

BP - Used to be Shell (Clintonville)

Walgreens (Clintonville)

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